House Lifting & Raising in Ocala

House Lifting & Raising in OcalaDo you feel like you’re constantly banging your head because your crawl space or basement is too low? If you need additional space, but don’t want the backyard taken up with an extension, we have a solution for you. Is your floor costing you a fortune in insurance? There’s no need to move. Upgrade today to house lifting and raising!

You Want More Space

If you’re thinking of expanding your home, you might consider adding a second floor and raising your house. You can build a full basement from a crawl space or increase the height of your basement ceiling by raising your home. Here are some methods to double your home’s square footage at the lowest cost. It is often cheaper to add square footage to a basement or first floor than to add it elsewhere. You can also keep your backyard if you raise your house instead of adding an extension. The size of typical residential lots in cities means you don’t have much outdoor space. By raising your home, you preserve your outdoor space.

Smarter Than Moving

In our experience, every $1.00 spent on raising and improving your house will increase its value by $1.50. Furthermore, you can avoid the costs associated with selling and buying larger homes (such as real estate fees, land transfer taxes, legal fees, and moving costs).

It is important that your new home fits your lifestyle, even if you like your current home and neighborhood. You may want to create a space your family can enjoy for years to come if your family is growing. A rental room could be another option. Renting a room could be a good option if you need money for renovations.

Flood Protection

People live near water in many places – freshwater zones that are prone to flooding, wetlands, or low-bank properties along sound and ocean shorelines. The house may need to be moved back from the high-water zones or raised in many of those cases. Whether your house has already been flooded or you are taking preventative measures so that you won’t be affected by flooding in the future, we can provide you with a lift so that you won’t be impacted by further flooding. House lifting can also be used to mitigate climate change impacts like sea level rise and increasing flooding.

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